Nov 9, 2016

Surface Design Award - Finalist

Commercial Interior Surface Finalists

We are excited to announce the nomination of the Living Atlas as a finalist for the Interior Surface of the Year Award 2016.

Living Atlas is a digitally augmented sculpture commissioned by design studio The Agency of Design.  The piece has been designed for Liberty Specialty Markets, one of the world’s leading specialist insurers. Liberty collate vast quantities of ever-evolving global data whilst managing their consignments on a day to day basis, the challenge was to create a sculptural and adaptable digital surface of LSM’s data, both live and historical.

Through the abstraction of the Earth’s surface into triangular facets, LSM’s data can be explored with a new kind of three-dimensional pixel. This leads to a ‘living’ surface, final animated projections including flight paths, live storm progressions and the many insured locations to name a few.

Cutting Edge were approached to fabricate the faceted surface which had been created by The Agency of Design. The precision of the machining and finishing was critical to the overall success of the project as the digital projections of data and tracking would show any anomalies.  

The facetted surface was machined on our 5-axis CNC router, making use of custom parametric CAD software to achieve the sharp vertices and facet edges. Each of the individual facets were painstakingly hand finished. An extremely high tolerance in the finishing was paramount to enable the data projection to work seamlessly with the Corian surface. Once installed The Agency of Design were able to calibrate their projection software to bring the piece to life.

The piece is made up of 5 panels now occupying the 5.7 x 2.8m wall behind the level 21 reception of LSM’s HQ at 20 Fenchurch Street.



Congratulations and good luck to all involved!

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